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GIS & Remote Sensing Planning​

We provide an extensive range of GIS and GPS services to municipalities, countries, utility companies, state agencies, and many private sector organizations. Equipped to offer a complete solution.

Topographic Survey

Topographic survey is simply the recording of coordinates and height data for a particular survey area. This data can be used to create spot height maps, contour maps, or more complex terrain models of the surveyed area.

Engineering Survey

Engineering Surveying is the broad term used to describe the work of surveyors on civil engineering jobs. The role of an engineering surveyor is a lot larger than simply set out for construction of a structure and survey pick-ups.

Town Survey

The survey records of all the properties including private, Government located in the city limit is being maintained by the 4 Town Surveyors, 8 Field Assistants in the 4 Zone Offices and Sub division of lands.

Cadastral Survey Layout

A cadastral survey plan is basically a property boundary survey. They are primarily carried out for legal purposes so as to accurately establish land ownership boundaries and usage.

GPS Control Survey

We dedicated GIS field crews specializing in RTK survey and mapping grade GPS technology, specifically customized for use with digital applicative that automatically upload attributed field information for every feature collected.

Environmental Impact Accessment

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a process of evaluating the likely environmental impacts of a proposed project or development, taking into account inter-related socio-economic, cultural and human-health impacts, both beneficial and adverse.

Town Planing

Town planning is the process of managing land resources. It involves the control of existing and new developments, as well as strategy preparation to ensure manage future requirements. It is a dynamic process that changes in response to policy, development proposals and local needs.

Primary Data Collection Through Enumerators

One of the methods for data collection is sending schedules through the enumerators or interviewers. The enumerators contact the informants, get replies to the questions contained in a schedule and fill them in their own handwriting in the questionnaire form.

Statistical Data Entry

Data collection is just the starting point in research. The way you manage your data is the crucial factor in determining the success of your thesis or dissertation, as this information forms the basis of quantitative research.

Our Specialization

We provides GIS services with an all-inclusive solution for spatial data management to the organizations through GIS & remote sensing services.
Land Surveying

Capture data in the most difficult-to-access locations.

Utility Engineering

Capture a more complete picture of existing infrastructure.

Aerial Mapping

Foundation for reliable planning, design and construction work.

Site Planning

Support their project planning, mapping, and asset management.


We provide inspection oversight teams with technology solutions.


The detailed modeling experience and accuracy you need.

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