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Geoinformatic Services is an emerging GIS and Land Surveying Service Providers dedicated to delivering top-notch of services to our clients. Our reputation in the GIS and land survey industry stands strong, built on reliability, precision, and innovation.


We hold a distinguished position as one of the pioneers who offered Mapping Services to the Survey of Pakistan. We boast an unparalleled track record in the timely and precise completion of the allocated tasks, consistently producing reliable data within the set timelines and meeting all project requirements.


Established with a vision to bring accuracy and precision to the realm of spatial data collection and analysis, we have spent years improving our skills and expanding our knowledge to provide an unrivaled level of service in the field of Surveying and Mapping.


we understand the importance of accurate land surveying and GIS mapping in today’s fast-paced, data-driven world. Land surveying is the cornerstone of civil engineering, real estate, and construction sectors. It ensures precise measurements that are critical to avoiding costly mistakes in construction, planning, and property transactions. On the other hand, GIS mapping joins the power of technology to interpret and visualize geographic data, enabling better decision-making for urban planning, resource management, transportation planning, and beyond.

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To preserve natural and cultural resources for tomorrow while enabling projects that benefit people today.

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We provides GIS services with an all-inclusive solution for spatial data management to the organizations through GIS & remote sensing services.

Land Surveying

Capture data in the most difficult-to-access locations


We provide inspection oversight teams with technology solutions

Utility Engineering

Capture a more complete picture of existing infrastructure.

Aerial Mapping

foundation for reliable planning, design and construction work.

Site Planning

Support their project planning, mapping, and asset management.


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GIS and Remote Sensing Mapping


Topographic Servey


Engineering Servey


Town Servey


Cadastral Servey Layout


GPS Control Servey